There's a few rules you should follow if you want to join, but don't fret! There's not many and they're very fair.

1. You have to have a personal webpage of some kind on which you can put the code. There's not much point otherwise! Please note, social networking pages such as Twitter, Mastodon instances, MySpace/SpaceHey, and Facebook are not counted as personal webpages in this respect.

2. You can ONLY put the code on your index page, splash/landing page, or your cliques/webrings/joined page (the link to this must be permanently accessible from either of the former); no exceptions. Putting it on any other page (about me, general links, anything else) is not acceptable. I hate to be strict about this, but I'm tired of endlessly searching for the code in obscure corners of people's pages. Doing so defeats the whole purpose of a webclique -- the link is meant to be seen ^^;;

3. Your site must meet a minimum of accessibility: sites that autoplay, utilise flashing backgrounds (this includes utilising the "CRT effect"), disable right-clicking, pixel fonts or incredibly tiny font sizing used for blocks of text, and/or use "typing quirks" will not be accepted.

4. Please put the code up before you join -- this makes things easier for everyone! If the code isn't on your page when you join, you won't be listed.

5. As long as you are listed on the members' page, please do the right thing and keep the code up in its required place. There will be monthly checks, and those who no longer display the code will be removed from the members' list, as the only conclusion I can draw from a lack of code is that you no longer wish to be part of the clique. You can rejoin at any time when you have the code back up!

6. Your aroma should be exactly that -- an aroma. Something you can physically smell. It doesn't necessarily have to be edible (we can all agree old books have a heavenly scent, but I wouldn't recommend eating one...), but it needs to be olfactory. Nothing abstract like "sparkles" or "purple" or the name of your favourite character. (Your favourite character's perfume, yes. Themselves, no!)

7. You may display the code on any site you own, but only five will be displayed with your name on the members page. You do not have to submit multiple requests for multiple sites; simply add your other URLs in the comments section of the join form. Remember to have the code up on those pages, too! (^^)

8. Yes, you can have the same aroma as someone else, as this is not a first-come first-served clique, and your aroma will change with your next layout!

9. No sites encouraging bullying, eating disorders, self-harm, suicide, harmful activities, trolling, or hate of any kind will be accepted, period.

10. On the join form, when it asks you "What's that heavenly scent?", please input "angels" -- so I know you've read the rules! ♥ Applications that have not read the rules will be ignored.