about Aromatic

Aromatic is a rebooting of the long-lost but very popular back in the day design clique, Scented Angels. Its mission is the same as SA's was: to express yourself through webdesign and aromas. It poses the simple question: based on its colour scheme, if your layout had a scent, what would it be?

Have you made a beautiful green and white layout? Perhaps that might contain the aroma of mint to you. Or maybe fresh-cut grass? Green apple? Something wonderously awful like broccoli? It's all up to you. And when you change your layout (or heck, just change your mind), you can change your aroma! It's a clique that changes with you and your site. So be creative, read the rules, pick a scent, and indulge in nostalgia. Or indulge in someone else's, as the case may be.

This is not an elite webclique; you don't have to be a career webdesigner to join, and you don't need to own a domain or be hosted on one/have a subdomain. All you need is a webpage to put the code on, a passion for webdesign, and a little creativity!

I want to make it very clear that this site is made without the permission of the original creator of Scented Angels, due to her seeming to have no active internet presence that I am aware of since 2005. Please note that Aromatic is only a tribute to something long lost but fondly remembered, not an exact copy, and the webmistress (Rin) does not claim to have come up with the original idea. I was simply a member, many a moon ago! Absolutely no copyright infringement is intended.

Please note, those who would be happy to start unsavoury rumours: Aromatic is a reboot, not a tribute; its function is to be an updated version of the original Scented Angels clique. It is not a copy of anything, and its construction began in the April of 2018, if you really want to split hairs. Thank you.

about Scented Angels

A quick and dirty history: Scented Angels was a webclique created by former voice actress Mandy Clark (who also went by the handle Tira) in 1999, and it was enormously popular for a few years, its peak years being 2000 - 2001. As hand-coded websites became less of a popular hobby and social networking started really shaping what the Wired was into the corporate mess we know today, it eventual faded into web history obscurity, but believe me, there was a time when you couldn't roam through the teen/20something personal domain scene of Web 1.0 without running into a site that had joined the clique, especially if you moved within anime/manga circles (even though the clique didn't really have anything to do with anime, its frequent anime-based layouts seemed to attract anime fans).

SA was so popular it eventually ended up shutting down member submissions, and simply allowed people to join by adding the code to their website, and posting on the site's bulletin board. I was never a member of said message board (my social anxiety, let me show you it), however I heard it was a lovely and chill place from those I knew who were.