once upon a time on Web 1.0...

...there was a webclique that was incredibly popular among the more anime-esque side of the Teen Domain Scene™. It was known as Scented Angels, and it stayed online for a fairly long time, albeit mostly unupdated. This, however, is not Scented Angels, but rather an unofficial rebooting of the clique, and it is known as Aromatic. Welcome. Does your current layout have a certain scent about it? Of course it does. Come join.


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Aromatic should be entirely accessible to mobile and tablet viewers, as well as desktop users. If this isn't the case with you, please take a screenshot and send it to Rin, and she'll do her best to fix it! Also, if you'd a Sailor Guardian to watch over your webpage, please check out my other clique, Pretty Guardians! Or, if you're addicted to coffee, come join the caffeineNATION!